Due Diligence in 4 Simple Steps

Target company Information
It would be important for us to have the full and accurate Chinese name of the target company. If the Chinese name is not available, you can provide the English name only and the lawyer will confirm its legal name in Chinese as part of the due diligence.
It would be important but not necessary if you can let us know where this company is located.
It is important for the lawyer but not required for you to describe the background and context you need this due diligence exercise. For example, you can describe it as: we are purchasing medical device from this target company and we understand it is a licensed manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China.
No Additional Charge! Trustiics will send you monthly updates to inform if the target company is named as “Dishonest Judgment Debtor” in China the next three months after this due diligence service.