Our Services

Trustiics.com is an online legal marketplace that leverages the expertise of the best-trained legal professionals in foreign jurisdictions (with China being our first market) to provide expedient and high-quality consultation legal help to international small and medium-sized businesses and individuals facing legal issues in foreign markets.

International businesses and individuals can access direct, convenient and affordable legal services provided by well-trained English-speaking legal professionals from the local jurisdiction.

China Due Diligence

Protect Your Business From Legal Risk in China

One-on-one Live Call

Get live one-on-one consulting at a moment’s notice


Find answers to legal questions for your business.
  • You want to understand the legal implications of a potential business plan
  • You want to have your trademark properly registered and protected

Legal Document

Have professional legal translation done for your Chinese or English document, or have a legal translator review a translation job.
  • You need a legal document translated from English into Chinese (or vice versa)
  • You want a Chinese (English) translation to be checked before signing

Document Certification and ID Verification

Have a qualified lawyer or notary public verify a client’s identity, certify legal documents and/or witness the signing of documents.
  • Your client is in China, and you need to verify their identity for a real estate purchase in Canada
  • You need certification or witnessing of the signing of legal documents for an international business transaction

Contract Review and Legal Document Drafting

Have a lawyer review or draft a contract or other legal documents.
  • You need to have a legal document reviewed
  • You need to have a legal document drafted in any of English, Chinese or French languages