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How An Immigration Firm Used Trustiics’ One-on-one Live Legal Consultation to Resolve a Contract Issue In Less Than a Week

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At the end of August, we announced the One-on-one Live Legal Consultation Service. This new service connects individuals and SMEs with relevant lawyers on short notice, helping them solve or get advice on urgent legal issues. Shortly after the release, we announced our first transaction. This case study explores how the client used the service to resolve their legal issues in less than a week.

The situation

The Canadian subsidiary of a Chinese immigration firm was partnering with an immigration consulting company. Before signing the contract, the immigration firm wanted to consult with an experienced lawyer and review the terms of the agreement to ensure they were protected.

The request

The immigration firm did not have the time, expertise, or budget necessary to compare traditional law firms and enter a long-term, expensive retainer. Instead, they needed a rapid connection to a lawyer who could answer their questions and reduce their legal risk.

The solution

Trustiics One-On-One Live Legal Consultation service-connected the immigration firm with a top-tier lawyer with over 25 years of experience in business law. 

The firm was able to speak to the lawyer directly within 12 hours of their booking. The lawyer helped identify issues with the contract, and provided guidance to the firm on how to resolve them. 

After the virtual call, the immigration firm used the Trustiics Contract Review & Document Drafting service to have the lawyer revise their contract. 

The result 

Having resolved the issue with the contract at a fraction of the time and money required to engage with a traditional law firm, the immigration company was able to move forward with its partnership agreement.

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