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Explore Business Scenarios Canada Immigration to Canada SUV Program PNP Visa Refusal from IRCC Work in Canada Work in Canada Employment White-collar crime Study in Canada Academic Offence Breach of Study Permit Conditions Breach of Residential Lease Start a business in Canada Business Incorporation Corporate Filings Commercial Contracts china Sell to China Importer Scams Payment …

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Work from anywhere, anytime Embrace the opportunities in the new era of legal practice CREATE FREE ACCOUNT Expand your clientele Expand your practice internationally and access overseas clients looking for lawyers like yourself. Receive marketing support Increase your market visibility via our efforts on Google SEO, Google ads, email newsletter and social media. Support existing …

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China intellectual property whitepaper

PRACTICAL GUIDE BY EXPERIENCED CHINA IP LAWYERS Protect your intellectual property in China SAFEGUARD YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Trustiics has collaborated with China IP legal experts in this whitepaper to provide a comprehensive guide to protecting your IP in China in 2023. Our whitepaper offers unique insights and practical advice, including a step-by-step plan, case studies, …

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Legal Q&As Common legal questions explained in plain English Quick Access Academic Misconduct (Canada) What are the most common types of academic offences that university students can be accused of? Plagiarism Cheating Fabrication Misrepresentation Tampering with grades Unauthorized collaboration Multiple submission Unauthorized possession of exams False citation Facilitating academic dishonesty What conduct is deemed as …

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China Market Glossary

China Glossary Key Terms and Phrases for Doing Business in China Quick Access A – Share A-Share (in Mandarin Chinese, “A股”) refers to the stock shares of Chinese companies, that are denominated in Renminbi(RMB) and traded on the stock exchanges in mainland China. AOA AOA is the abbreviation of “Articles of Association,” which refers to …

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Frequently Asked Questions Trustiics Services​ Is Trustiics a law firm?​ No. Trustiics is an online marketplace that connects clients with legal services provided by vetted qualified lawyers. As an online marketplace, we provide a platform that allows clients to easily find standardized legal services and/or find and connect with registered and vetted lawyers. Think of …

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