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Customized Contract of International Sales of Goods

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What is the Sales Contract service?
When you buy from or sell to a foreign market, you need a Contract of International Sale of Goods. It is one of the most used commercial contracts in international trade.
A well-drafted sales contract is the foundation of any successful trading relationship with foreign markets, and China is no exception. It clarifies the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer, defines how the contract should be executed and ensures each party’s rights will be enforceable against the other in any default party’s home country.
Having a lawyer qualified and experienced in China draft the contract will ensure that the agreement is fair to you and enforceable against your counterparty. This provides clarity and certainty to both parties should something go wrong.
To book this service, simply provide the background information of the trade. A vetted, experienced English-speaking lawyer in China will draft the sales contract in English and deliver it to your Trustiics dashboard within 5 business days.
Value and Benefits

  • High-quality and reliable: your sales contract is drafted by a vetted, experienced lawyer with solid experience in China advising international clients in trading with the Chinese market, and such a contract is enforceable under Chinese law if anything goes wrong.

  • Fast and efficient: you will receive the sales contract within 5 business days.

  • Convenient: simply provide basic transaction information such as the payment terms, and we will take care of everything else, such as securing the most suitable lawyer and transferring payment making international wiring payments to the lawyer.

  • Secure: all the data and information are transported on the secured Cloud operated by Amazon Web Service.

  • Private and direct: one-on-one communication and messaging available with the lawyer through your dashboard; you can monitor the status 24×7.

  • Transparent and affordable: The price for this service provided by top-tiered lawyers in China is unbeatable. There is no hidden or subscription fee. You are not charged until the lawyer delivers the service.

Typical Use Scenarios
Having a lawyer qualified in China to draft a Contract of International Sale of Goods is recommended when:

  • You plan to sell products to China

  • You will enter into a supply arrangement with a Chinese manufacturer/exporter

  • The other party in China requests to change the terms of sales

  • You currently don’t have a contract in place to govern your rights and obligations with your trading partner in China

  • Other third parties (such as insurance companies, banks, transportation agents or government authorities) may require to see your contract with the Chinese party

One of the following lawyers will provide the service after the request is placed.

Trustiics Female Laywer
Jenny Sun Shanghai, China

Jenny has over 14 years of experience as a lawyer in China specializing in international trade, foreign investment and cross-border commercial litigation and arbitration. She has rich experience in drafting and/or reviewing international commercial contracts, due diligence, and dispute resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sales contracts enforceable in China?

The enforceability of a contract generally depends on the validity of the contract. A valid contract is one that includes the key elements of an effective contract based on the applicable law.

Sales contracts drafted by lawyers on Trustiics platform take into consideration the different legal regimes in international trade and incorporate key elements of a valid contract. Therefore, they are valid and enforceable against the parties. If there is a breach of contract, the conforming party could claim compensation or enforce the contractual obligations under the contract. We recommend you contact the lawyer directly for further consultation if you have any questions about the contract he/she provided.

Why do I need a lawyer to draft the International Sale of Goods Contract instead of using a template?

A well-drafted Contract of International Sale of Goods should be based on the applicable law to be valid and enforceable against the counterparty. It will help protect your rights and assure due performance of the contract consistent with the market practice and legal requirements. A lawyer is able to customize the contract to make it suitable for your specific situation, taking into consideration the relationship between the parties, your goal and interests.

Can I just have my U.S. Sales of Goods Contract translated into Chinese?

You may be able to use a translated version of your U.S. sales document if it has the key elements of a valid contract. However, if the contract is based on the law of a foreign country, the Chinese party typically needs to review its full contents before signing. It is recommended to have a Chinese lawyer review or translate your contract to ensure two things:
  1. it does not have anything that is invalid or unenforceable in China;
  2. the accuracy of the translation.

If I’m buying from China, can I use this contract drafting service?

Yes. The lawyer will tailor-make a contract for your business – whether you are a buyer or a seller – taking into consideration your circumstances to protect your interest. This protects you much better than online templates or someone else’s contract.

If your situation does not permit using your own contract, you should have a lawyer review the third-party contract to ensure your business interest is protected and that the English version and Chinese version are the same.

What’s included
delivery Delivery in 5 business days
  • A Contract of International Sale of Goods in English drafted by a lawyer with one round of minor revision

  • Direct message on your Trustiics dashboard with the lawyer during the service

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