“I’ve been extremely pleased to watch Trustiics grow over the past year. Given Tianpeng’s many years of dealing with cross-border legal issues for global companies, I’m confident that there is a real need in the marketplace as the business world shrinks and more companies expand overseas.”
Code Cubitt, Managing Director of Mistral Venture Partners

“I’ve been doing business with China for years and Trustiics indeed provides a convenient platform for companies like us to get legal answers and Chinese translation much faster.”
Kevin Bailey, President of Design 1st

“Trustiics provides a much more convenient way for us to get the answer quickly when we have a question about Chinese law.”
David Wu, CEO of Stratuscent

“Trustiics offers an invaluable service for any company requiring quality yet affordable legal services in China. This platform also resolves a significant pain point – making payments for services rendered in China. BOOQED will be returning to this service time and again.”
Angela Wong, SVP of Booqed Limited

“China is a market with great potential and some challenges if you are not familiar with their rapidly evolving systems. I believe Trustiics is bringing to the market what international SMEs need when they do business in China.”
Dane Bedward, CEO of NeuroBot Inc.

“As CEO of a start-up having business clients in China, it was a struggle to find fast and affordable legal advice for our activities in China. We needed a service like Trustiics, but none existed at the time unfortunately.”

Fred Chanay, Managing Partner and co-founder of Notik.ai

“In our globalized and digital era, an online platform like Trustiics can really help businesses in a foreign jurisdiction.”
Mychelle Mollot, CMO of Solace

“It’s exciting to see how Trustiics can help Canadian companies reach lawyers in China easily!”
Andre Garber, Partner of Fasken