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Trustiics Launches Trustiics Plus – Global Legal Assurance Plan for International Students


The new plan rapidly connects international students with trusted legal advisers to reduce legal risk while studying abroad  

OTTAWA, ON – November 2, 2020 – Trustiics, a Canadian online legal marketplace, today announced the launch of Trustiics Plus – Global Legal Assurance Plan for International Students. The membership plan reduces legal risk by connecting students in a foreign country with reliable local lawyers when emergencies arise.   

“Legal risk increases any time you’re studying abroad,” said Tianpeng Wang, Founder and CEO of Trustiics. “As a student, if you have a dispute with a landlord, if you have questions about your visa, or if your employer is paying you less than minimum wage, you need timely, cost-effective legal advice. That’s where Trustiics Plus is extremely valuable.”   

The plan includes access to a 24×7 help centre and is initially focused on Chinese students in Canada or the United States.  

“This truly is a new way of thinking about how to provide on-demand legal support to the more than 5 million international students globally,” said Tony Kinnear, Strategic Advisor to Trustiics. “Instead of scrambling to find a trusted lawyer in a foreign country after an issue occurs, the Global Legal Assurance Plan provides peace of mind and ensures that students and their families have a trusted and cost-effective service to turn to as soon as they have a legal need.”  

In addition to having direct access to pre-qualified lawyers, members gain exclusive discounts on other Trustiics services, ongoing alerts of local policy changes, educational webinars, and bilingual support in English and Chinese through email, WeChat, or phone calls.  

Trustiics Plus – Global Legal Assurance Plan for International Students is available immediately. For more information, please visit www.trustiics.com/trustiics-plus-students

About Trustiics 

Trustiics is an online legal marketplace that leverages the expertise of the best-trained legal professionals in foreign jurisdictions including China, Vietnam, Brazil, Canada, and the United States to provide expedient and high-quality consultation to international small and medium-sized businesses, individuals, and international students facing urgent legal issues. Fully coordinated, convenient, and affordable, Trustiics provides access to vetted, experienced, and professional English-speaking lawyers who are experts in their field.  

Services available on Trustiics.com include:  

  • Trustiics Plus – Global Assurance Plan for International Students  
  • Legal Consultation 
  • Due Diligence 
  • Legal Document Translation 
  • Document Certification and ID Verification 
  • Contract Review and Legal Document Drafting 

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