Study Permits and
Student Visas in North America

Exclusive webinar on the Study Permits and Student Visas required for international students pursuing studies in North America

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Zoom Webinar

December 18th
at 9pm EST
December 19th
at 10am Beijing time

Speaking Language:
In Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin with English subtitles

Studying in Canada or the US? 

For international students pursuing studies in the US and Canada, the most important piece of paper you need before you arrive is a study permit and/or student visa. During your study period in North America, you also need to maintain your student status and valid visas so that you can travel in and out of the country. Due to recent events and changes in school policies, etc., many students are worried about their student status being impacted or being unable to get a visa renewed, thereby jeopardizing their studies.

Get Protected

In this webinar, you’ll learn the basics of law and policy updates regarding study permits and student visas from two top North American legal experts.

  • The immigration system of the US and Canada
  • When is a Study Permit/Student Visa required
  • How to maintain your student status?
  • How to renew a student visa?
  • Who can help if you run into a legal issue regarding visas and study permits?


Ms. Dora Wang (Immigration Attorney in New York, US)

Experienced business immigration attorney with a strong background in U.S. non-immigrant and immigrant visas, global immigration management.  

Ms. Catherine Ou (Canadian Lawyer in Montreal, Quebec)

Catherine Ou is a Canadian lawyer practicing law in English, French and Mandarin with persistent enthusiasm to help individuals and companies of different jurisdictions to achieve their goals. Ms. Ou has solid experience in legal research on immigration, civil, commercial matters.