30% to 50% lower than offline rates

Legal professionals on charge according to the time they work. Their hourly rates, which vary depending on their seniority and services offered, are substantially lower than their offline rates.

All the legal professionals charge by the time they estimate spending on a particular matter, and the minimum time charge is 10 minutes.  Due to the efficiency provided by our platform, and since the services provided on are not legal advice provided through a formal attorney-client relationship, the hourly rates to be charged by the legal professionals on are significantly lower than their offline rates in their daily practice.

“Pay-as-you-use” basis

There is no membership fee, monthly fee or any hidden cost. You are not required to sign a long-term contract or pay a retainer before or after your use of any service.  After you submit a question, you will receive a fee proposal from one or more legal professionals whose background matches your request. You will know how much you will need to pay when you choose a particular legal professional. The minimum charge can be as low as US$30 per use. The legal professional will get paid after you confirm the job is completed.

No need to do international wiring to China

Your payment will be made through a North American company even if you are using a lawyer in China. We will take care of the international wiring process and cost for you.

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