1. Does your platform use real lawyers or A.I. to answer my questions? Who are the legal professionals who work on Trustiics.com?
We believe legal issues are complicated and still require case-by-case analysis in almost all situations; therefore, all the communication you will have is with human lawyers, and they are the best-trained top 1% of Chinese legal professionals who can communicate in English. Legal professionals on Trustiics.com include lawyers (from junior associates to senior partners) from reputable Chinese law firms, in-house counsel with multinational corporations (MNCs), legal translators with international law firms, and law graduates from top Chinese and international law schools. All are able to communicate in English at various levels. You will see a brief biography of each relevant professional when you receive a quote for your requested service.
2. How do you control the quality of service provided by professionals working on Trustiics.com?

(1) We have a legal expert panel that includes lawyers with over 10 years of experience in different areas from intellectual property to employment, from foreign direct investment (FDI) to mergers & acquisitions (M&As), from dispute resolution to banking and finance. Our panelists help us manage the platform based on their substantial experience in managing large law firms.

(2) We spend meaningful time selecting and vetting legal professionals. Those whom we select are well trained and are able to communicate with international businesses in English. These legal professionals hope to establish a long-term relationship with potential clients, but there is absolutely no obligation on the part of businesses.

(3) We have various back-office measures to monitor, maintain and improve the quality of service. Among other things, we encourage SMEs to provide a rating after the receipt of each service from Trustiics.com.

3. Do I need to sign up for a monthly or annual contract/engagement before I can ask legal questions?

Absolutely not, and our platform is 100% “Pay as you go.”  Membership is free, and there is no engagement or retainer required.  You can use the services of Trustiics.com as many or as few times as you need, whenever you need them.  You pay for what you use, and there is no subscription arrangement.

4. Do I know who will be answering my question when my credit card is swiped?
Yes, absolutely. You decide who will be your lawyer for a particular issue. You also know in advance how much you will need to pay once he or she finishes the job.
5. Do I have to rate a lawyer each time after receiving a service?
No, you don’t have to. However, lawyers who provide services on this platform care about your rating, and this is a way you can help us maintain high standards for your, and others’, future needs.
6. How about the security level of your platform and protection of privacy?

Trustiics platform is built and hosted on Amazon AWS cloud  with the highest cloud security standards. We operate at scale but still remain secure:
Data transport: All client data are transported to and from our data center using TLS 1.2 (SHA-256).
Password Encryption: Passwords are encrypted with AES-256 strong encryption including 2048-bit RSA public keys, with unique keys for each customer and secure random keys unique to each password.
Data storage and backup: All data are securely stored on AWS with strict access control (24/7), including database and logs, as well as any configuration and setting files. The database is replicated across multiple database servers in two geographic locations to prevent a single failure from causing data loss. Our customers own their own data, which can be exported for their own purposes anytime.
Compliance: AWS data centers are audited to SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 standards and meet PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA requirements. Trustiics platform is GDPR compliant.

7. How do you categorize the levels of seniority of the legal professionals who provide freelance services on Trustiics.com?  What are their hourly rates?

All the legal professionals registered on Trustiics.com are categorized into 4 groups: Expert Counsel, Senior Counsel, Junior Counsel and Legal Assistant, using our vetting criteria, including years of experience, areas of practice and professional and social reputations.

All Trustiics legal professionals charge by the time they estimate spending on a particular matter, and the minimum time charge is for 10 minutes. Due to the efficiency provided by our platform, and because the services provided on Trustiics.com are not legal advice provided through a formal attorney-client relationship, the hourly rates charged by the legal professionals on Trustiics.com are significantly lower than their offline rates in their daily practices. For example, a 10-minute written analysis by a senior partner with over 20 years’ experience can cost as little as US$75, a 10-minute written analysis provided by a Senior Counsel with 6 years’ experience can be as low as US$50, and a 10-minute written answer provided by a Junior Counsel with 3 years’ experience can be as low as US$27.