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As of today, we have vetted top-quality legal professionals based in 4 cities in China and 3 cities in Canada, with an average of 13 years of practice experience covering 20+ fields of law and 30+ industrial sectors.

  • Debbie Ding

    Debbie Ding

    Beijing, China
    Legal Translator
    25+ years’ experience

    Debbie has over 20 years as a legal translator at international organizations. She has a broad range of industry knowledge and is widely regarded as a leading legal translator.

  • Martin Aquilina

    Martin Aquilina

    Ottawa, Canada
    25+ years’ experience

    Martin has substantial experience in advising international clients investing in Canada’s financial services, manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors.

  •  Daniel Li

    Daniel Li

    Shanghai, China
    20+ years’ experience

    Daniel is a corporate lawyer and an equity partner of a prestigious Chinese law firm. He is a Harvard law graduate and practiced in top American law firms for over a decade.

  • Hongli Sun

    Hongli Sun

    Shanghai, China
    10+ years’ experience

    Hongli has strong experience in imports & exports, international trade, foreign investment and cross-border dispute resolution. She is trusted by many clients with commercial contracts.

  • Dean Davison

    Dean Davison

    Vancouver, Canada
    15+ years’ experience

    Dean’s practice is focused on civil litigation in British Columbia in relation to business or personal disputes arising out of contract, employment, property and estate issues.

  • Emilia Shi

    Emilia Shi

    Shanghai, China
    20+ years’ experience

    Emilia has broad industrial experience and has advised many international companies on corporate, FDI, M&A, dispute resolution and compliance issues in China.

  • Sylvia Zhang

    Sylvia Zhang

    Beijing, China
    Lawyer and tax advisor
    15+ years’ experience

    Sylvia has advised many international companies in their China-related investments, transactions, compliance and regulatory challenges. She is also a certified CPA.

  • Hong Zheng

    Hong Zheng

    Beijing, China
    15+ years’ experience

    Hong is one of the top trademark lawyers in China. He has substantive experience advising international businesses protecting and enforcing their IPRs in China.

  • Daniel Jiang

    Daniel Jiang

    Beijing, China
    Lawyer, Patent Attorney and Trademark Agent
    15+ years’ experience

    Daniel is a founding partner of a well-known IP firm based in Beijing. He advises clients from around the world on patent and other intellectual property rights protection.

  • Frank Lin

    Frank Lin

    Beijing, China
    10+ years’ experience

    Frank has extensive experience advising multinational companies, especially in the TMT industries, on market entry, compliance, joint venture and general corporate matters.

  • Mary Mao

    Mary Mao

    Shenzhen, China
    7 years’ experience

    Mary advises international clients on FDI, compliance and operational issues related to supply chain, distribution and commercial contracts in Guangdong and across China.

  • Guanglei Zhang

    Guanglei Zhang

    Beijing, China
    10+ years’ experience

    Dr. Zhang is specialized in cross-border arbitration. He is a partner at a leading Chinese law firm and is a registered Arbitrator of Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre.

  • Leo Chen

    Leo Chen

    Shanghai, China
    10+ years’ experience

    Leo is a partner at a leading international firm. He has very solid experience in corporate governance, M&A, FDI, equity and debt securities offering, project finance and lending.

  • Jie Jin

    Jie Jin

    Beijing, China
    Patent Attorney and Trademark Agent
    15+ years’ experience

    Jie is a founding partner of a well-known IP firm based in Beijing. She has helped many international business protect their intellectual property rights across China.

  • Haiping Deng

    Haiping Deng

    Beijing, China
    15+ years’ experience

    Haiping is a partner at a leading Chinese law firm with his practice focused on capital markets, M&A, Private Equity and general corporate matters.

  • Wei Lin

    Wei Lin

    Shanghai & Shenzhen, China
    20+ years’ experience

    Wei is the managing partner at P.C. Woo & Zhonglun W.D. LLP. Fluent in English and French, Wei has advised hundreds of international clients on China related arbitration and litigation.

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    Our Services

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    Find answers to legal questions for your business. 

    • Examples …
      • You want to understand the legal implications of a potential business plan
      • You want to have your trademark properly registered and protected

    Due Diligence

    Have a local counsel confirm the identity and legitimacy of business partners.

    • Examples …
      • You want to verify the existence of a particular company
      • You would like to understand the shareholding structure of a potential partner

    Legal Document

    Have professional legal translation done for your Chinese or English document, or have a legal translator review a translation job.

    • Examples …
      • You need a legal document translated from English into Chinese (or vice versa)
      • You want a Chinese (English) translation to be checked before signing

    Document Certification and ID Verification

    Have a qualified lawyer or notary public verify a client’s identity, certify legal documents and/or witness the signing of documents.

    • Examples …
      • Your client is in China, and you need to verify their identity for a real estate purchase in Canada
      • You need certification or witnessing of the signing of legal documents for an international business transaction

    Contract Review and Legal Document Drafting (New)

    Have a lawyer review or draft a contract or other legal documents.

    • Examples …
      • You need to have a legal document reviewed
      • You need to have a legal document drafted in any of English, Chinese or French languages

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    • “I’ve been extremely pleased to watch Trustiics grow over the past year. Given Tianpeng’s many years of dealing with cross-border legal issues for global companies, I’m confident that there is a real need in the marketplace as the business world shrinks and more companies expand overseas.”

      Code Cubitt, Managing Director of Mistral Venture Partners

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      Kevin Bailey, President of Design 1st

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